Most Innovative use of plant material. Perfect attention to detail.
— Ashley Stephenson, Chief Horticulturist of England Royal Palace
SPECTACLE — A Holiday Wonderland
— The Wall Street Journal
A Train to Fantasy and History.”
”Master Designer of a Whimsical, Shrunken City
— The New York Times
Wow, is that beautiful - better than Santa’s workshop - very inventive.
— Martha Stewart on Martha Stewart Living Show
It’s magical...our holiday attendance has grown tenfold.
— Richard Schnall, Director of Horticulture, NY Botanical Gardens
A most popular exhibit that is finished to perfection - very intriguing.
— Jim Wilson on Victory Gardens Television
The best display we’ve ever had at The Ohio State Fair.
— Governor James Rhodes
A pioneer in lending authentic details to the landscape...more than just a fantasyland of miniaturized scenes.
— Brooks Peters, Architectural Digest
It’s an interesting exhibit for adults and children. Grandparents can make connections with grandkids because that’s history from their generation.
— Iana Turner, Horticulturist, Morris Arboretum
It was a landmark year. That year our attendance nearly doubled to over 70,000 and membership grew by 65 percent. Not only does the Garden Railway get kids outside and encourage them to connect with nature, but the arboretum is a wonderful place for family to connect with one another.
— Paul W. Meyer, executive director of the Morris Arboretum